Watch: Kenny Sebastian Romanticises Making Chai And We All Can Relate

The love affair with chai among Indians is never-ending! The ritual of enjoying chai with our loved ones is what makes it so special. We start our day with chai and end our day with chai itself. This soothing drink has our whole hearts. And, Kenny Sebastian agrees! Recently, he shared a video of chai on Instagram that is winning hearts all over the internet. With over 978k views and 95.8k likes, the aesthetic video shows the comedian preparing his morning chai. For Kenny Sebastian, the ritual of making the morning tea is ‘a love story’ and after watching the video, we are sure you will agree too! Take a look:

In the video, we see Kenny Sebastian romanticise his daily routine of making adrak wali chai. He starts by pouring water into the pan and placing it on the stove. Next, he seasons it with cardamom, ginger, chai masala and chai patti (tea leaves). After the chai releases colour, he pours in milk and brings it to a boil. The next part that he shows in the video adds a filmy twist to it. While looking for a sieve to pour the chai through, he behaves like a Bollywood hero looking for his heroine. This not only adds comedy to the video but brings forth a relatable moment that most of us have experienced when making chai. After preparing chai, we frantically look for the sieve, only to find it in the most obvious place in the kitchen. That is exactly what he shows in the video. He accompanies it with a poetic caption:

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“You never realise the value of something until it’s gone, hence why you should always appreciate something like that – Deep person. A chai story.”

After watching the video, if you are craving some adrak wali masala chai, then we have a quick and easy recipe for you:

Welcome The Monsoon Season With This Special Adrak Masala Chai

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