Top headlines: IPO disclosure norms, moonlighting, telecom bill, and more

India Inc braces for impact of rupee fall, rushes to take forward cover

Home-grown companies are preparing for life after the rupee falls to Rs 80 versus the US greenback. Companies without a natural hedge like export earnings are rushing to take forward cover as they expect the rupee to fall gradually in the next year to as much as Rs 86-87 to a dollar. Read More

Moonlighters beware: Companies may start using digital tools to track them

India Inc is not in the dark about moonlighting employees. According to a forensic accountant, companies can easily turn to experts and deploy digital tools that can be used to check if an employee is doing a second job or not — reaffirming fears of many who are wary of the practice in the context of the recent sacking of moonlighters by IT major Wipro. Read More

Sebi likely to step up disclosure norms for IPOs of new-age companies

The Sebi may beef up the disclosure requirements for IPOs of new-age companies. The market regulator could also bring transactions in mutual fund (MF) units under the purview of insider trading regulations. The decisions could be taken at Sebi’s board meeting scheduled for September 30. Read More

Insolvent companies could lose spectrum under the new Telecom Bill

Insolvent telecom companies that do not meet government conditions could lose spectrum under the proposed telecom Bill but some experts suggested that its sections need to align with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). Read More

Inclusion of OTT platforms in Telecom Bill maybe a risk to digital economy

The expanded definition of telecommunication services in the draft telecom Bill —including over-the-top (OTT) platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Google Meet — may harm the digital economy and user privacy in India, according to experts. Read More