Single-Point Taxation Implemented in NCR For Passenger Transport

The Combined Reciprocal Common Transport Agreement (Contract Carriage and Stage Carriage) signed by the governments of Haryana, NCT-Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh aims at inter-state road connectivity amongst the National Capital Region (NCR) states, road safety and also explores the possibility of having CNG/electric buses plying in the region.

The meeting of the Commissioner of Transport Secretaries was held under the Chairpersonship of Archana Agrawal, Member Secretary, National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB), on September 19.

It emerged that the “NCR states have taken action regarding issuing the necessary notification enabling all motor cabs, auto-rickshaws, educational institution vehicles and stage carriage buses of NCR participating states to ply within NCR without any such fee or tax once the taxes are paid in the one NCR state by such vehicles when registered in NCR”.

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In addition, the discussion stressed ensuring operational vehicle location tracking devices and speed governors in all such vehicles and working expeditiously towards formulating and harmonising the rules for motor vehicle aggregators for NCR in the spirit of Motor Vehicle Aggregators Guidelines-2020 of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India (MoRTH).

The proposal of GNCT Delhi to allow only buses running on CNG or environment-friendly fuel in Delhi was also deliberated in detail and the NCR states were requested to explore possibilities of getting their diesel buses converted to CNG/replace their diesel buses with EVs.

The meeting also focused on road safety issues and NCR states were requested to compile data on the black spots in the region along with locations of PTZ cameras, and emergency trauma care centers along the National Highways, State Highways, and Expressways in NCR.

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