International Cat Day 2022: Follow these four cat comics if you love them

On International Cat Day today, we have curated some of the best cat comics and art within our pur-view

 International Cat Day 2022: Follow these four cat comics if you love them

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>> Reflecting a more sinister Garfield, freelance writer Percy Bharucha’s Cats Over Coffee comics follows the evil intent of a nameless cat and all the amusement that it brings. “Cats always look like they’re high on something or chasing a caffeine kick. That’s one of the reason sthis comic came to be,” he quips. 
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>> Cats are misunderstood creatures thought to be cold and unfriendly but Vinda Dravid, illustrator and founder, Curious Cat Company, shares, “On the contrary, when you live with a cat you begin to understand that like any other individual, developing a relationship takes time, and that you cannot force your company on them.” She’s taken these revelations from personal experiences and turned them into illustrated life lessons.
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Art by Parija Kopergaonkar (right) art by Sana ShaikhArt by Parija Kopergaonkar (right) art by Sana Shaikh

>> Working from home gave illustrator Parija Kopergaonkar and architecture student Sana Shaikh more time to spend with their cats.

(Left) Sana Shaikh; (right) Parija Kopergaonkar
(Left) Sana Shaikh; (right) Parija Kopergaonkar

The result of shared space and increased interaction were tonnes of pet-inspired comics.
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>> It’s essential to turn sweet and fun moments into art. That’s exactly what artist Sheldon Dias does with much inspiration from pets, Joey and Freddie.
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