Drowned in the drone

Technology is disrupting the world and bringing change across industries and geographies. Both businesses and government organisations are leveraging digital innovations for operational efficacy and cost benefits. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or drones, is one such technology, and its usage and application have expanded over the years to aid more sectors and applications.

Drones were launched in India as defence equipment but use-cases for drones have developed over time. It now carries anything and everything, including vaccinations and medical supplies, as well as gadgets, food and groceries. The growth within the drone industry is primarily due to increasing push from government, increasing interest from startups and large corporates, and rising research and development effort.

Drones use is on the rise due to their ease of operation and cost-effectiveness. Areas of application demanding low technical skills is creating intense competition for drone service providers. On the contrary, areas demanding high sectoral expertise and technical know-how are creating entry barriers for drone service providers.

For instance, agricultural spraying and industrial maintenance and monitoring are low-competitive applications that require high technical knowledge, whereas entertainment and media as well as law enforcement surveillance are high-competitive applications that need little technical understanding.

Further, an enterprise-level drone can be incredibly expensive, which is why most companies are opting for drones as a service.

From ‘India’s Emerging Drone Industry: A Point of View’, KPMG

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